Dr. Malek DHOUIB

Executive Lecturer and Manager at Total Energies

Malek Dhouib is currently a manager in TotalEnergies Marketing Tunisia since 1994, while he is a faculty-researcher and a consultant.He graduated with a master's degree at HEC in IHEC Carthage, has a research DEA at the university of Carthage, and MBA Executives in UQAM, and a PhD in management science at the university of Bretagne Sud.His mastery in management at a theoretical and academic level and his deep knowledge about practical aspects he has daily exercised since 30 years makes him among the rarest experts being able to challenge and combine his academic skills with real-life exeprience.This is for the sake of a better understanding organisation dynamics within the academic environment and more effective managerial practices within the professional field.As a faculty-researcher, Malek Dhouib is interested in studying human behavior at the organisational environment, like the role of individuals as consumers, employees, investors and salesmen.