Bachelor of Business Administration


The Management - BBA program offers "Baccaulauréat" Graduates valuable knowledge necessary for Business Management and coordinating management operations.

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Business Administration

Business Administration

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Special field : Management

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The Bachelor of Business Administration in International Management puts a special emphasis on developing leadership skills. Students will investigate more advanced topics such as strategic management, decision making, organizational behavior, business ethics and project management.

The courses delivered by national and international lecturers will provide you with the basics you need to succeed an international management career.

First Year
Second Year
Third Year


Prof. Habib Zitouna

Professor of Economics - General Secretary of the Tunisian Association of Economists.

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The BBA prepares you for a future international career by deepening your knowledge, it qualifies you ideally to work in international business administration.

During scheduled study visits to Germany, you will get introduced to the German culture and language in order to prepare you fot the exchange semester takes place during your 3rd year, you will get the opportunity to study the chosen modules in English or German in the premises of a wide range of choice of German partner universities.

Renowned international lecturers and experts guide you on the field of International Management, Marketing or Finance.

Visiting Professors

Peter Nordgaard

Corporate Finance and Managerial Accounting Lecturer

Prof. Dr. Dolores Sanchez Bengoa

VP University of applied Management Studies - HdWM Mannheim
Practical Information


Full Time


7 semester


Tunis : Campus UIT Charguia 1

Teaching Language


Entry Level

Bac (High School Diploma) + English level (B2)

Degree awarded

Accredited by

German Business School
Management Study Ministry of Higher Education

Course start date

October 18th, 2020