Master of Business Administration
Sales Management

The Master of Business Administration - MBA addresses entrepreneurs, sales-, marketing- and general managers and executives.

The Sales MBA provides valuable knowledge and training for developing a sales force and coordinating sales operations.

The Master of Business Administration Program focuses on improving your strategic and critical management thinking and applying managerial theories to solve the business complexity. By developing leadership and communication skills, building professional networks through team building activities, workgroup and conflict- and intercultural management, you will acquire critical soft skills.

As managing positions require a comprehensive understanding of all corporate functions, the MBA deals with Project Management, HRM, Marketing, Finance, IT, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Marketing and Sales are paramount for entrepreneurs, companies and their managers: you will acquire specific knowledge necessary for developing a sales force and coordinating sales operations. The MBA program in Sales Management will promote your motivation and improve your sales-boosting attitude towards customers dealing with the IT Sales tools and most innovative Sales methods.

The investment in a high-level Sales training is a highlight factor for companies’ success as implementing sales techniques will allow businesses to consistently hit, and even surpass, their sales targets.

By the end of the program, you will transpose the acquired Sales and Management knowledge and undertake business research.

Most German Business School's sessions take place in Tunis, Start-up Session in a different country (South Africa 2016, USA 2017, Paris 2018, Berlin 2019). The MBA includes SAP Training and Certification on Business Processes TS410 / Sales and Distribution.

First Year
Second Year

Latest Events

The HR-Management Session take place in a different country with Team-Building activities. After the Start-up Session 2016 in Pretoria, South Africa, and the Start-up Session 2017 in New York, USA, discover the GBS new challenges.

Visiting Professors

Andrew Wilcock

Sales Management Expert

Peter Nordgaard

Corporate Finance and Managerial Accounting Lecturer

Riadh Negra

Financial Accounting and Business Taxation

Dr. Jessica Di Bella Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Lecturer

Prof. Roberto Quaglia

Strategy, Leadership and Communication Lecturer

Gaël de Kerdanet

Digital Marketing Strategy Expert
Practical Information


Part-time MBA


2 years


Tunis : Campus UIT Charguia 1

Teaching Language


Entry Level

Bachelor or Master's Degree (210 ECTS) + professional experience (2 years min.)

Degree awarded

Accredited by

FIBAA - Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation

Course start date

every quarter
   +216 31 10 11 11

International Students

   GBS Tunis